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The Presbyterian Church in Singapore is a part of the Christian Church throughout the world. The purpose of the church is to unite the Presbyterian churches in Singapore in a self-governing, self-supporting and self-witnessing spirit for the preaching of the Christian doctrine, the practice of the Christian life and the extension of God's Kingdom on earth.

Synod News

From the Synod Moderator: Church Re:Start
By Rt Rev Keith Lai
Nov 2020
After a 9-month hiatus of "lockdown" and absence from our usual onsite worship service, many have, by now settled comfortably into a “routine” of homebased worship.

POST-COVID-19: Pastoral Care Reflection and Action
Rev Dr. Li Hau Tiong
Nov 2020
Tens of millions of people worldwide have been infected by the plague of the century - COVID-19, causing a global catastrophe.

Christian Preschool Leaders Strive Onward
Nov 2020
Organised by the Christian Preschool Alliance (CPA) and Kingdomgarten Preschool Services (KPS), the nationwide inter-denominational Christian Preschool Forum

Need a Light in the Dark?
Rev Peter Chan
Nov 2020
It has been more than nine months since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic hit Singapore in February 2020.

Synod Held Their First Virtual Annual General Meeting in September
Oct 2020
The 2020 Synod Annual General Meeting was held on 28 September 2020.

From the Synod Moderator: Humbly Offered to the Lord
By Rt Rev Keith Lai
Oct 2020
Mark makes it very clear that Jesus’ challenge to Philip was meant to be a test of his faith. Life is filled with many forms of tests.

A Preliminary Study on Church Ministry Movement Post COVID-19
By Rev Dr. Li Hau Tiong
The COVID-19 "Coronavirus" has triggered a human catastrophe of the century. So far, more than 27 million people have been diagnosed worldwide and more than 880,000 have died. The number is still rising.

Love Expressed in Obedience to His Truth During Pandemic Times
By Elder Jimmy Lim
Oct 2020
As we face this unprecedented pandemic crisis, how can we as believers and followers of Christ be doers of His Word aside from being hearers, particularly during this challenging times?

Synod's Follow-up Initiatives after the New Normal Forums
Sep 2020
As part of the Synod Sunday Initiatives, the Synod organised two forums for all pastors from our member churches to discuss about the issues and challenges faced in the New Normal.

New Normal Survey Review Part 2: Pastoral Care in the New Normal
A survey by the Synod, Aug 2020
On 3rd July 2020, the Synod launched a survey for both church members and pastors, to find out more about the challenges and issues that have risen during this difficult period of pandemic.

From the Synod Moderator: Always More Than Enough
By Rt Rev Keith Lai
Sep 2020
Do we ever ask ourselves why there is this deep inner sense of lack, of never having enough?

New Normal English Forum
Sep 2020
The New Normal English forum wrapped up successfully on 5 August 2020. The forum, a first of its kind to bring church ministers together to discuss issues at hand, saw a total of 75 church leaders and staff taking part in the discussion.

Synod Annual General Meeting to happen on 28 Sept
Sep 2020
In light of the current ongoing COVID-19 situation, as per previous announcement, the Synod's Annual General Meeting will be happening on 28 September 2020.

Synod Solidarity Initiative (SSI) to Aid Churches in This Pandemic
Aug 2020
At the recent New Normal Forums, the Synod has announced the Synod Solidarity Initiative (SSI) with the COVID Solidarity Fund set up by CWM.

“New Normal” Chinese Forum Held on 29 July 2020
Aug 2020
The Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS) conducted a forum on 29 July 2020. 12 churches from the Chinese Presbytery participated.

New Normal Survey Review Part 1: Church Members and the Online Church
A survey by the Synod, Aug 2020
On 3rd July 2020, the Synod launched a survey for both church members and pastors, to find out more about the challenges and issues that have risen during this difficult period of pandemic.

Join the Family Violence Talk for All Church Members This August
Aug 2020
As families find themselves gathered together under one roof due to regulations to curb the spread of the pandemic...

Overseas Mission: 5P Church Moves into New Home
Aug 2020
Praise the Lord! On June 2020, our brothers and sisters in Phnom Penh Promised People Presbyterian Church (5P Church) saw their new sanctuary for the first time.

Overseas Ministry: Snippets from Tan Yak Hwee in Tainan, Taiwan Summer 2020
By Tan Yak Hwee
Aug 2020
TAINAN THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE. Time passes by so quickly… I have spent almost two years in Tainan.

CP Overseas Ministry Report: Pr Yeo May Heng (Jan to May 2020)
By Pr Yeo May Heng
Aug 2020
Supported by the Chinese Presbytery Missions Committee, Pr Yeo May Heng is currently serving in Kuantan, Malaysia.

From the Synod Moderator: Strong Anchor for Tumultuous Times
By Rt Rev Keith Lai
Aug 2020
How is your HQ? What is that? Well, we need "IQ" and "EQ", to succeed in life and work. "HQ" is "Hope Quotient".

Registration for Christian Preschool Teachers' Day Dedication Service 2020 has started!
Aug 2020
Dear fellow Christians serving in the early Childhood sector, being a Christian preschool worker is more than just a job. It is missional and a mission field. A specific calling.

PLATFORM Webinar: Crafting Evangelistic Messages For A Changing World
Aug 2020
With the invited speaker Dr Jim L. Wilson, on 19 August 2020.

Rt Rev Keith Lai Elected as New President of NCCS
Jul 2020
We are excited to inform that our Synod Moderator, Rt Rev Keith Lai, has been elected as the president of National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS).

SYNOD SUNDAY 2020 THEME - Doing what is Beautiful and Profitable Amidst the Pandemic
By Rt Rev Keith Lai
Jul 2020
Darkness and gloom. This feeling seems to permeate everyone's life during this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

SYNOD SUNDAY 2020: How can YOU and the church respond to the "New Normal"
Jul 2020
12 July 2020 is the date of our annual Synod Sunday. Every year, the Synod allocates one Sunday to foster unity and to encourage communication among the Presbyterian churches.

Teachers' Day Dedication Service 2020 - What's In Your Box?
Jul 2020
Following last year's inaugural Nationwide Preschool Teachers' Dedication Service (where up to 600 Christian preschool workers attended the event at ORPC), the Christian Preschool Alliance

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