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CWM Council Meeting 2012

To be a faithful corporate witness for Jesus Christ by mobilizing prayer, human resources and financial resources among the Presbyterian churches in Singapore to achieve an integrated and co-ordinated approach in mission as a denomination.

To form an equivalent "ASEAN" platform for our regional churches to come together regularly to champion mission endeavours.


  1. Building overseas mission network to provide opportunities, continuity and sustenance in the mission endeavours of our churches.
  2. Organizing Mission Consultation to reflect on the Mission of God in our contexts and to challenge our churches into active mission partnership locally, regionally and globally.
  3. Facilitating mission partnership in the form of:
    1. Financial support
    2. Personnel exchanges
    3. Missionary exposures
    4. Skills training
  4. Capacity building for our churches
    1. Mission Board development
    2. Encourage and facilitate local mission work with migrant workers and immigrants


  • Promote the Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS) as part of the universal church to advance God's kingdom in the world.
  • Set priorities and policies to guide PCS in worldwide missions.
  • Develop and maintain mutual enriching relationships with partner churches through consultation and sharing of human and material resources
  • Equip and encourage involvement in missions at local, presbytery and national levels.
  • Help members appreciate the worldwide nature of Christian faith.


  • Regional Missions Networking
  • Exchange of human resources, missionaries at denominational level
  • Mission projects with regional partners
  • Mission Board development
  • Local mission and initiatives with migrant workers and immigrants

    The Synod Missions Committee    
Chairman:     Rev. Teo Yew Tiong
Members:     Rt Rev. Dr Steven Gan
Rev. Eddie Chandra
Rev. Leow Khee Fatt
Rev. Phua Chee Seng
Rev. Roy Koh
Elder Wong Foo Mun
Elder Wong Pock Yeen
Elder Dr Yeap Eng Hooi
Mr George Goh

    On-going Projects    

  1. Cambodia (Khmer Presbyterian Fellowship)
    • Medical missions and Prison ministry
    • $7,200 annual support to three KPF Pastors
    • Launch The Synod Presbyterian Church in Cambodia (SPCC)
    • Cambodia Focus Group to collaborate church planting and outreach efforts in Cambodia among PCS member Churches
  2. China (Wuhan Lay Leadership Training Institute)
    • $3,500 annual scholarship for theological studies
  3. India (Presbyterian Church of India and John Roberts Theological Seminary)
    • $6,000 annual support for JRTS faculty
  4. Indonesia (Geraja Kristen Indonesia and Klaten Christian School in Jogjakarta)
    • $18,200 annual support for School chaplaincy & evangelism
  5. Malaysia (Geraja Presbyterian Malaysia and BEM Sarawak)
    • Joint mission trips to reach out to indigenous people
    • Coordinate Church planting efforts in Malaysia
    • $6,000 annual support for BEM Sarawak Kindergarten
    • Support kindergarten teachers' allowances in Sarawak
  6. Myanmar (The Presbyterian Church in Myanmar - Sittwe Boarding House)
    • Conduct vocational and discipleship training
    • $3,300 annual support to Sittwe Boarding House Students outreach work
    • Launch the Myanmar Focus Group to collaborate church planting and outreach efforts in Yangon among PCS member Churches
  7. Vietnam (The Presbyterian Church in Vietnam - Thanh My in Lam Dong province & Ho Chi Minh City)
    • Support students outreach
    • Conduct training for pastors
  8. Wales (The Presbyterian Church in Wales)
    • Support missionary and Missions enabler Rev. Charles Chua

    How to support Synod Missions    

  • Give thanks to God and pray with us.
  • Adopt a country which the Synod Missions is in active partnership with.
  • Participate in specific projects with our partners.
  • Extend help to fellow Presbyterians in the region and work with the Synod Missions Committee.

    Missions Partners    

  • Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia (GPM)
  • Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)
  • Presbyterian Church in Myanmar (PCM)
  • Presbyterian Church in Wales (PCW)
  • Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Assembly, JRTS (KJPA or PCI)
  • Sinode Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI)
  • Presbyterian Church in Vietnam (PCVn)
  • Wuhan Theological Seminary
  • Khmer Presbyterian Fellowship (KPF)
  • Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China (HKCCCC)
  • Singapore Centre for Global Missions
  • Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT)

    Pray for us    

  1. Pray for unity of our Churches to partner for greater missions endeavours.
  2. Pray for every Missions Chairperson and Committee member - wisdom, faith and strategies for local and overseas outreach.
  3. Pray for the Synod Missions Committee - wisdom and insights to break new grounds for missions.
  4. Pray for more workers and resources to be raised to build God's Kingdom through missions.

    Latest Activities    
In March 2015, five Cambodian pastors came to Singapore for a 2 weeks attachment with us. View more information here.

    More information    
Contact our Synod Missions Executive:
The Presbyterian Church in Singapore, 132 Sophia Road, Singapore 288186
Phone: Office: 6338-7268

Download Synod Mission Brochure here.


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