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Regional Missions Consultation 2016
Jul 2016

In conjunction with our PCS 135th Anniversary Celebration, we are organising a Regional Missions Consultation with our mission partners to reflect on the mission of God in our region. The consultation will include keynote presentations, platform for country reports and sharing, discussion and networking.

Date: 15th and 16th August 2016
Time: 9am to 6pm
Venue: To be confirmed

Theme of Consultation: Missio Dei


  • Multi-cultural society
  • Migrant workers and new immigrants
  • Aging population
  • Active social concerns by the Church
  • Evangelism vs Testimony


  1. To reflect on the mission of God in ASEAN Churches.
  2. To explore partnership between ASEAN Churches and CWM's mission.
  3. To enhance networking and discuss partnership models between PCS member churches and Synod Missions Council.

Invitations had been extended to overseas missions partners from

  1. Cambodia
  2. Hong Kong
  3. India
  4. Indonesia
  5. Korea
  6. Laos
  7. Malaysia
  8. Myanmar
  9. Taiwan
  10. Thailand
  11. Singapore (host)

Keynote speaker: Rev. Li Xiao-zhong (李孝忠牧师), an experienced church-based Presbyterian minister who specializes on the topic of Gospel Contextualization in the ASEAN Region. He is currently a lecturer in Tainan Seminary.


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