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CP Overseas Ministry Report: Pr Yeo May Heng (Jan to May 2020)
By Pr Yeo May Heng
Supported by the Chinese Presbytery Missions Committee, Pr Yeo May Heng is currently serving in Kuantan, Malaysia.

Aug 2020

Ministry Status
January to May 2020
Areas Served: Ministries in Maran and Chini
Field of Ministry: Mainly in evangelism and care services
Will be under studying Senior Pastor Sigar from June 2020 to June 2021

January to March 2020

Progress in Ministry Work

1. From 1 January 2020, according to what the Aboriginal Committee has discussed, there will be some changes to my ministry work. I will be serving in Kuantan together with, and under the leadership of Ps Sigar Pengiran. At the same time, I will also be serving the tribes of Sg Mekapor, Merbau and 55 Miles in Maran.

2. The ministries in Maran went quite well during these three months. These include visitation, worship service every Wednesday or Saturday (according to the time schedule I have planned before), and following Ps Sigar Pengiran to jointly take charge of the weekly Malay worship service at the Kuantan Presbyterian Church.

3. As the Kuala Mentiga, Melai and Ulu Lamiat tribes do not have a full-time pastor or preacher during this period, after discussing with Ps Sigar Pengiran, it has been decided that these villages will temporarily become part of the area served by me. In addition, I am also responsible for the village of Sg Soi in Kuantan. I will take turns with Ps. Sigar Pangiran to be in-charge of worship service every week.

Working Together with the Short-term Mission Teams

1. On 14-16 March 2020, we had a combined tribal worship service with the short-term mission team of the Muar Presbyterian Church at Kuala Mentiga Village

2. We were with a short-term mission team from Singapore at Merbau Village in Maran

3. Sunday Service at Sg Soi in Kuantan

February to May 2020: During the Movement Control Order period (18 March 2020 to 9 June 2020)

1. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, the government has implemented a movement control order plan to control it. During this period, my service was also affected and I could not go out for visitation as usual. Some of my work were also forced to be suspended. However, the church unanimously decided to provide help by supporting the daily necessities and welfare of the villagers who could not go out.

2. During this period, I also had the opportunity to participate in the provision of daily necessities and welfare by the church to the local villagers. This has also allowed me to seize the opportunity to stay through the period together with these villagers.

3. During this control order period, I still continued with my ministry, which is to keep in touch with the villagers. I communicated with the villagers by calling them and sharing God's words with them through the WhatsApp group, urging and encouraging them to trust and lean on God.

Photos of the distribution of daily necessities to families in various tribes

  • After the government announced the conditional movement control order on 5 October 2020, I could finally restart my visitation. However, there were still restrictions.
  • Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, I noticed most of the villagers had moved to their respective farms to stay safe from the virus.

Prayer Items:

  1. Pray that the tribes in Maran, Chini and Kuantan served by Ps Sigar Pengiran and I can experience changes.
  2. Pray for the residents of the tribes of Sg Mekapor, Merbau, 55 Miles, Kuala Mentiga, Melai and Ulu Lamait. May God bless them with good health, strength and spiritual growth.
  3. Remember in prayer all villagers who are believers to be blessed with good health, helping one another in difficult times and sharing God’s love with those villagers who have yet to accept Christ.

Wishing you: "God's Blessings Abound"

Ps. Yeo May Heng
(Ps. Penginjilan Daerah Maran)


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